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A dashing affair

dashingaffairOn the 9th of November we celebrated the end of yet another prosperous, challenging, exciting and rewarding year when we held our end-of-year staff function at the Stardust Theatrical Restaurant in Rondebosch, Cape Town.

The evening was filled with good food, good company and lively conversation, but most of all it was the sounds of the ever popular hits of ABBA, Michael Bublé, and a long list of classical favourites that put everyone in a nostalgic, and sometimes silly mood.  So much so that some of us simply had to take center stage!

In more serious mode we were honoured to present long service awards to two of our staff, Wilma Perold and Marietjie Schmidt, who respectively have completed 10 and 5 years of employment with the firm.

The evening turned out to be quite a dashing affair that was thoroughly enjoyed and will certainly not be forgotten soon.


Van die direksie – Julie 2012

Hier by Aucamp Scholtz Lubbe kyk ons terug oor die eerste ses maande van 2012 en ons is trots om te kan sê dat ons as firma goed op pad is om ons strategiese doelwitte vir die jaar te bereik. Dié doelwitte is die uitvloeisel van ‘n bewustelike beplanningsproses wat ons jaarliks onderneem.

Die vraag ontstaan nou hoeveel van ons kliënte op ‘n soortgelyke wyse te werk gaan om sekerheid te hê oor waarheen hulle op pad is en hoe daar op koers gehou moet word?  Hoewel hierdie vraag retories van aard is, is dit tog van veel belang want daar bestaan ‘n mite dat slegs nuwe besighede nodig het om te beplan. Die vraag wat elke besigheidseienaar hom of haar eintlik moet afvra is “Kan ons bekostig om nie ‘n duidelike strategie te hê nie?”

Die voordele van ‘n jaarlikse besigheidsplan waarin nie alleen duidelike en haalbare doelwitte uiteengesit word nie maar ook ‘n strategie bepaal word wat gevolg moet word om die doelwitte te bereik, moet voor die hand liggend wees vir enigeen wat erns maak met sy of haar besigheid. Van kritiese belang, natuurlik, is dat die strategie geïmplementeer en vordering deurlopend gemonitor moet word.

Ons wil diegene van ons kliënte wat nog nie die uitdagende maar bevredigende paadjie van strategiese beplanning loop nie, aanmoedig om erns daarvan te maak om wél hul besigheid op hierdie gesonde voet te plaas. Ons deel graag ons ervaring in hierdie verband en nooi u uit om met enigeen van die direkteure in verbinding te tree vir hulpverlening met die uitwerk van ‘n besigheidstrategie, hetsy vir die res van hierdie jaar of vir 2013.

From the directors – July 2012

Here at Aucamp Scholtz Lubbe we are looking back on the first six months of 2012, and we are proud to say that our firm is well on its way to achieving our strategic objectives for the year. These objectives are the outcome of a conscious planning process that we undertake annually.

The question now arises how many of our clients set about in similar manner to make sure where they are going and how they should stay on track? This is a rhetorical question but nevertheless a very important one since there is a myth that only new businesses need to plan. The question that each business owner should actually ask himself or herself is “Can we afford not to have a clear strategy?”

The advantages of an annual business plan in which not only clear and achievable objectives are enunciated but also a strategy is spelt out for achieving these goals, must be clear to anyone who is serious about his or her business. Critically important, of course, is that the strategy is implemented and that progress is monitored continuously.

We wish to encourage those of our clients who are not yet following the challenging yet satisfying route of strategic planning to place their business on this sound footing. We shall gladly share our experience in this regard and invite you to get in touch with any of the directors for assistance with developing a business strategy for either the rest of this year or for 2013.

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