Certain costs remain unchanged

In a time when most of our clients are especially aware of costs it is important to us to ensure that they are properly informed of the costs they have to incur in making use of our services while remaining satisfied that they are receiving value for their money.

Business entities, employers and taxpayers are continuously being confronted with more tax, statutory, and other requirements and we are serious about ensuring that these requirements are being complied with. This compliance obviously has cost implications that neither we nor our clients can control.

In our October 2012 newsletter we explained our cost structure in detail to make it easier for our clients to understand and evaluate our invoices.

If adjustments are to be made to our tariffs this usually happens at the beginning of the year, in January.

We are pleased to announce that no adjustments have been made to our tariffs for 2013 for our company secretarial services (applicable to companies and close corporations) and also not for our trust administration services (including our acting as an independent trustee of your trust). This means that these services will still be rendered to you at 2012 tariffs and, in some instances, even the tariffs for 2011.

It is important for us to continually evaluate our costs on the basis of what is happening in the market and we are pleased to say that our cost structure compares very favourably with that of our competitors. However, we do not want to sacrifice our quality service by fixing our tariffs at too low a level.

Should you have any uncertainty about our cost structure please feel free to contact your relationship director in this regard. You are, of course, also welcome to approach us if you require a quotation for specific services.



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